I believe we each come here with great purpose and gifts to bring to this world.


To be alive in these times can be intense. Our body holds tension when it cannot be processed in the moment. This impacts our relationship with ourselves and others and can create dis-ease. Going to the root of the dis-ease can be deeply healing and fulfilling. I like to see the journey of healing & awakening to our true Self and our gifts as a sacred path.


Do you feel called to go within, heal dis-ease, to reclaim your power, to transform your life and live in a far more beautiful relationship with yourself and all of life? I offer holistic bodywork treatments to be in service to you on your path.


We heal from within, but we don’t have to do it alone.


Stephanie Duijnisveld, holistic bodywork practitioner & women’s circle facilitator
Dedicated to supporting people to lead open, loving, and aligned lives