I believe we each come here with great purpose and gifts to bring to this world.


On our life journey we get to experience beauty, and sometimes life can be challenging. When we experience events that are stressful for our body, and that stress is not fully processed in the moment, our body holds tension. The tension can create imbalances and dis-ease. There are different ways to heal the imbalances and release the heaviness of the past. Going to the root of the imbalances can be deeply healing and fulfilling. When we heal the root cause of the imbalances, we can open up to Life more fully. We can improve our relationship with ourselves and others. It becomes easier to live the life we want to live, and to discover and share our gifts with the world.


Do you feel called to go within, heal imbalances, to reclaim your power, to transform your life and live in a far more beautiful relationship with yourself and all of life?

I offer alternative therapy (bodywork) to support you on your path.


We heal from within, but we can’t do it alone.


Stephanie Duijnisveld, healer & women’s circle facilitator
Dedicated to supporting people to lead open, loving, and aligned lives