I would love to hear from you.

You can contact me for an introductory consultation call, for booking a session or if you have any questions related to the treatment. 

Phone number: +31 642864145

I’ll reach out to you shortly.

I offer my services in the magical atmosphere of my home, a ‘hearth on the hill’, at the edge of the city of Tromsø. A place where we are undisturbed, on the beautiful island Sállir/ Kvaløya.
My address is:
Skavstien 52
9102 Kvaløysletta

The entrance of my home is on the left side of the house. There’s a parking space available in front of the house, on the left side of the garage.

Public Transit
Bus 40 towards Slettaelva. The bus starts at Wi-To (city center Tromsø). 
Bus stop: Slettaelva Skole (two stops after Smørblomstvegen). From there it’s a 3-minute walk to my house.

Photo credits
Welcome page: photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash
Body de-armouring page: photo by Miriam Hoogma (black & white photo of my hands during a de-armouring session)
All other photos: Stephanie Duijnisveld

Stephanie Duijnisveld Healing & Education
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