Services & prices

In person sessions are 2 hours (option to extend 30 or 60 minutes)
Online sessions on Skype are 1,5 hours
Sessions are in English or Dutch

Single session
In person: 2100 nok
Online: 1550 nok / 144 euro
Including intake before the first session and aftercare
Lower income pricing: see ‘Support’ below.

MULTIPLE SESSIONS healing trajectory
3 sessions
In person: 5850 nok (1950 nok per session)
Online: 4320 nok (1440 nok per session) / 399 euro (133 euro per session)
Sessions are at a monthly rate or less.
A payment plan is available.

5 sessions
In person: 9000 nok (1800 nok per session)
Online: 6750 nok (1350 nok per session) / 610 euro (122 euro per session)
Sessions are at a monthly rate or less.
A payment plan is available.

Prices are VAT inclusive for private bookings
Prices are VAT exclusive for corporate bookings

The trajectory will be attuned to your personal needs. You can choose to include tools for self-healing and working with shamanic practices for daily life.

Depending on your personal needs the sessions can support you in: healing the root cause of burn-out, depression, anxiety or overwhelm, improving your sleep, strengthening your intuition, womb healing/ menstrual cycle and (pre) menopause comfort, deepening your soul embodiment, inner child healing, healing your past, cultivating healthy boundaries, feeling safe in intimacy, and more.

Do you feel a sincere call for support but have limited financial resources? Feel free to let me know to see if we can find a way that works!

Healing program ‘EARTH MEDICINE’

EARTH MEDICINE is a precious gem to me! It combines all the healing gifts I have to offer. EARTH MEDICINE is a 6 month program for natural healing and intuitive guidance to support you in returning to your natural state of being and in embodying your unique authentic self.

The program is a combination of healing and mentorship. It helps you to heal the root cause of imbalances, to release tension and to feel lighter. You’ll receive guidance in the process of self-healing and insights in the natural intelligence of your body. It helps you to deepen your connection with your body and the Earth to feel balanced and alive. The program supports you in feeling centered, to take the lead in your life and to feel free to be your True self.

You can choose a variety of earth honouring shamanic tools to work with during and in between the sessions. These tools support you in living in a loving relationship with yourself, others and all of life. It also supports you to heal in a natural way, returning to a state of balance.
Together we will attune the trajectory to your personal needs.

The 6 month program includes
6 healing sessions
6 hours of intuitive guidance (video call or in person)
Tools for self-healing, daily shamanic practices & support in between sessions

In person: 18 880 nok
Online: 14 440 nok / 1 222 euro
A payment plan is available.