‘I came for a dearmouring session to release feelings of shock and anxiety. Since the session I experience a significant relaxation on the body level which is exactly what I needed! I have a clearer mind, and I have come to multiple important realizations after the session. It was great and you are so very talented! I thank you once again for trusting my inner needs that day and including me in the process. To me, this is a big reason to return – among everything else!’ 
– Irma

‘I saw this session as a motivation to relax my life and body. I did not expect the session to feel so meaningful and beneficial for me. It felt like I have a quite gnarly knot of nerves in my belly that became loosened with the massage. It felt like a satisfactory release of tensed up energies in my abdomen. I also felt some pain release in the form of heat. I felt my comfort and safety were well taken care of. The session made me feel good for several days after, and even after almost two weeks I feel better in my belly than in a long time. I would like another session and really think you are a professional in what you do.’
– Henrik