I offer in person healing sessions (Tromsø), online healing sessions and women’s circles. Here you can read more about what a healing session and circle is like.
In ‘Services and prices’ you can read about the different options/ healing programs you can choose from.

In person sessions

The in person sessions include holistic bodywork: healing through touch. The type of bodywork that I practice is body de-armouring: deep pressure is applied to different points on the body, to ‘de-armour’ the body and restore its natural balance. ‘Armour’ refers to armament: the way the body holds tension after an experience that activated the nervous system in a way that could not be processed in the moment. De-armouring is an effective way of releasing tension, which allows your life force energy to flow more freely.

During a dearmouring session, loving attention and deep, tender touch is brought to areas of tension, numbness, and disconnection. Instead of breaking through armour with force, the body is invited to open and soften. Parts of you that need nurturing are welcomed to be expressed and integrated in a compassionate way. The conscious and tender touch, in alignment with the needs of the body often creates a sense of relief. You can immediately feel lighter and more alive!

Online sessions

For an online healing session we meet on Skype. We start with a talk to set the intention for the session. We continue with a guided meditation to create a state of deep relaxation, presence and feelings of safety, to allow healing to take place. I hold a safe space for you to meet parts of yourself that are asking for attention and nourishment, and to release what is no longer serving you. It often creates a sense of peace, clarity and lightness. A session is like going on a journey where you explore, deepen and expand your self-awareness. I will guide you throughout the session. The session can be accompanied by the sound of my drum.

The healing sessions are for you if

  • You want to live in a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself, others and all of life
  • You want to strengthen your intuition and feel more confident in making your own choices
  • You want to support your body in returning to its natural state: free from tension and feeling vibrantly alive

Somatic approach

I offer a holistic and somatic approach to healing, to create fundamental and lasting positive changes. Healing on a body level is healing on a mental and emotional level. Creating deep and lasting changes often takes time. Therefore a program of multiple healing sessions is recommended.

I offer a 6 month program for natural healing: ‘Embrace, empower, embody’. The program supports you in calming & opening your body, mind and soul. It helps you to stay grounded and centered, to create more stability in your life. For more information go to ‘Services & prices’.

After receiving your first session, you can choose to upgrade to a program of multiple sessions if you feel that the kind of treatment I offer is supporting you.

Women’s Circles

Every new moon I facilitate a women’s circle in the cosy atmosphere of my home on Kvaløya. Feel the nourishment and support of a sisterhood, and connect on a deeper level to your body and soul. Come as you are and experience a safe and soft landing in the circle, surrounded by your sisters. It is a circle with a center, where we are each other’s witnesses, role models & soul connections. The circle is meant to support each other on our journey back home: to our authentic Self. To remember and embody the energy of the beautiful souls that we truly are. To bring the Divine within us to life fully! Every woman who feels an inner spark to join is welcome.
See ‘contact’ for links to my social media accounts to stay informed and to receive invitations.