I am dedicated to supporting people to lead open, loving and aligned lives through bodywork, energy work, women’s circles & ceremony. 

I am fascinated by the profound effects of bodywork. Each session is a deep journey into the body. Through connecting with our body and entering our heart space, we not only connect with ourselves, but with something greater. Listening to our body, to our heart, is listening to the unspoken language of Life. It is where we come home. 

Through being out-doors I can feel my body to be part of Mother Earth the most. I love to be with the natural world: the mountains, the trees, the birds and the creatures of the sea, the nature spirits taking care of the land. 

I feel passionate about creating beautiful, safe, and sacred space where self-exploration, healing, transformation, and personal growth can take place. I love to be in circle to practice ways of being in right relationship with all of life. Relationships full of compassion, love, unity, joy, reciprocity, and respect.

My personal healing journey
I see my healing journey as an ancient initiatory path. A journey inward, to remember who I truly am, allowing my Divinity to rise from within. Like many before me, I was called to true healing through my wounds, struggles and challenges. 

A series of events that touched me in the core of my being was the catalyst for my growth and transformation. I was facing challenges related to work and relations. The stress was building up and in 2021 I collapsed. My nervous system was ‘on fire’, my body left me no other choice than to slow down, rest and regenerate. The only way to go was inward. Unprocessed emotions came to the surface, also related to the loss of my dear brother Sjoerd (1987-2005). It sometimes felt like being in a tomb, but I learned to see it as being in a womb. I knew that if I wanted to free myself from the imbalances, I had to heal the root causes of the dis-ease.

I had this deep inner knowing that a fulfilling life is possible. It motivated me to move through feelings like shame, rage, grief. Paradoxically, it was in these moments that I have experienced the purest love. I learned to hold myself and to nurture the parts of me that need it. The struggles gave me the strength to fly and have brought me where I am today. Many treasures were hidden in the shadows deep within. 

I am grateful to receive all the support that is available. A source of support has been the School of Secrets, founded by medicine woman Carmen Vicente from Ecuador, where I learned through experience the power of retreat during my moon time. It has helped me to become much more attentive to the needs of my body, to honour and acknowledge the creative power of my womb, and to take care of myself first. 

Body de-armouring has brought me so much as well. It reduced the tension in my body step by step, with every treatment. I started developing a deeper body awareness, feeling a deeper appreciation and gratitude for my body. It helps me to cultivate healthy boundaries and to relax. What I love about de-armouring, is that in working with the body, the nervous system and life energy it touches everything!

Background experience & Expertise

  • Bachelor of Fine art and design in education, a Bachelor of Laws, and a Bachelor of Education (teacher training)
  • I have been trained in body de-armouring by dearmouring practitioner Gosse Beerda (Netherlands)
  • I have been working with consent for over a decade in alternative education, childcare and art educational projects
  • Graduate of Carmen Vicente’s School of Secrets for a female pedagogy
  • Student of Medicine Voice (year training) for shamanic sound healing, and trained in ‘Intuitive leadership with tuning forks’ by sound healer Brenda Wielders (Netherlands)
  • I have been working as a teacher, workshop facilitator and project leader of art educational projects in the past twelve years
  • Sistership Circle Training ‘how to facilitate circle’ and how to be in circle
  • I am exploring expanded states of consciousness and I have been working with entheogens (master teacher plants & fungi) in the past three years
  • Exploring and practicing sacred dance, hand drumming, shamanic journeys into nature, healing and awakening with psychedelic medicines, rituals from the rainforest & healing with plant spirits through courses by Robin Flynn, Sandra Ingerman, Banafsheh, Emma Farrell, Adriana Ayales and Christine Stevens