My name is Stephanie, I was born and raised in the Netherlands. Since 2023 I live in Tromsø, where I started my practice as a healer. I am fascinated by the natural healing abilities of our body and how we are interconnected with all living beings. I love creating and facilitating transformative healing spaces for people to reconnect to their True nature. I offer healing sessions, mentorship and I facilitate workshops and women’s circles. What I love about the healing sessions is that working with fascia, the nervous system and life force energy literally touches everything!

I believe we are our own healers: as multidimensional beings we are whole and always connected to Source. I therefore see the process of healing as a process of divine remembrance. The healing space that is created during a session activates the natural healing abilities of the body and the remembrance of our truest nature. We are fully capable of returning to our original consciousness and creating balance on all levels of our being.

I created LAND & COLOUR because I believe true healing happens in relationship with all of life.
The name represents the heart and soul of the work that I offer: Land represents our spiritual connection with the Earth, and Colour represents our uniqueness, our True authentic nature that wants to be expressed in the world.
I offer you tools to deepen your connection with your body & with the larger whole of the natural world that we are part of. You can choose to work with voice healing, herbalism and other shamanic, earth honouring practices. I use these tools myself and I love how it helps me to connect to the wisdom of my body, to Mother Earth and to other living beings.

My personal healing journey

A series of events that touched me in the core of my being and that resulted in a burn-out was the catalyst for my transformation. I opened up to healing the root cause of the imbalances. Unprocessed emotions came to the surface, also related to the loss of my dear brother Sjoerd (1987-2005). I learned to hold myself and to nurture the parts of me that need it. I started developing a deeper body awareness, feeling a deep appreciation and gratitude for my body and remembering my divine essence. The transformation aligned me with my path of service work as a healer.  

I am dedicated to supporting people to lead an open, loving and aligned life!

From my heart to yours,

Background experience and expertise

  • I have been trained in body de-armouring/holistic massage by dearmouring practitioner Gosse Beerda (Netherlands)
  • Student of Medicine Voice, year training for alternative (sound) therapy, by sound healer Brenda Wielders (Netherlands)
  • I have been trained in ‘Intuitive leadership with tuning forks’ by sound healer Brenda Wielders
  • Graduate of Carmen Vicente’s School of Secrets for a female pedagogy, related to health and women’s cycle
  • Student of EarthStar Academy, by Xi EarthStar Healer, advanced training for healers
  • Healing the Womb 2023 and 2024, medicine course by Temple of Original Creation/Xi EarthStar Healer, to heal and rediscover the sanctity and power of the female body
  • Sistership Circle Training ‘how to facilitate circle’ 
  • I have been working with consent for over a decade in alternative education, childcare and art educational projects
  • I have been working as a teacher, child caretaker, workshop facilitator and project leader of art and nature education projects in the past twelve years
  • I am exploring unity consciousness and I have been working with entheogens (master teacher plants) in the past four years
  • Exploration and practice of sacred dance, hand drumming, shamanic journeys into nature, healing and awakening with plant spirit medicines, rituals from the rainforest & healing with plant spirits