The more we live in a state of balance with the Earth, the easier it becomes to connect to our inner guidance and to create the life we want to live

When we live in a state of balance with the Earth, we feel healthy, alive and nourished: our body is naturally attuned to the Earth. Modern life, especially living in the city, easily takes us out of balance. It creates disconnection from our body, the Earth and our True nature. 

LAND & COLOUR offers a remedy: healing spaces where you can slow down and connect to your body for physical and emotional healing to support you in returning to a state of balance.

Through healing, workshops, ceremonies and mentorship you are supported in:

  • Connecting to the wisdom of your body and the wisdom of the natural world
  • Activating the innate healing ability of your body
  • Returning to your natural state of being: feeling balanced, inspired and alive

Depending on your personal needs the sessions can support you in: improving your sleep, strengthening your intuition, menstrual cycle and (pre) menopause comfort, healing from burn-out, depression, anxiety or overwhelm, healing your past, cultivating healthy boundaries, feeling safe in intimacy, and more.

Do you wish to receive support in returning to your natural state of being, feeling balanced, connected and alive?

You’re very welcome for healing, guidance and support: in person and online.

With love,
Stephanie Duijnisveld
Healer, Earth Oracle & Women’s circle facilitator

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