Display and counter in tree landscape

2018, 150 x 228 cm, oil paint on canvas

The old fire station at the Harm Smeengekade (Zwolle) which meanwhile is pulled down, was the studio of a group of young artists until June 2018. They transformed their studios into an exhibition space and opened their doors for the public for a weekend. The twelve artists, including me, showed a selection of their work. Visitors could meet the artists and their work. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with guest speakers who are active in the cultural field (a curator, a local councillor and an artist). The subject matter was ‘what is the value of art and studios in the city centre?’ And what role has the local government in facilitating work spaces for artists and what can be expected from artists themselves?

The work ‘Display and counter in tree landscape’ was exhibited for the first time here, together with older works, in a new setting. For this painting I was inspired by the forest landscape of Hoge Veluwe. Interior and landscape are melt together. Similar furniture like in the painting is seen again in the exhibition room.
The work represents the seemingly human inability to ‘think’ the world we actually live in. A world where the human and non-human are entangled. The idea of entanglement makes all our walls, our efforts to isolate inside from the outside, rather ridiculous. It also means that space, a place, is no longer a cosy, pleasant human concept. Everything has its place.


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