Artist Statement

‘Animism is the only sensible materialism’
~ Eduardo Viveros de Castro & Donna Haraway, Cosmopolitical Critters, in Cosmopolitan Animals, 2015

Art and mysticism
To me, making art is a mystical thing. Art is open to other ways of knowing.

The mindset of empirical science, for all its accomplishments, remained essentially oblivious to other ways of knowing. This method of investigation, while powerful and extremely useful, nevertheless, is the devil that got us into the present crisis – our use of scientific information without wisdom.

Art is the magic we need.

Art and ecology
I’m fascinated by different visions of reality. I explore these different visions through artistic research. We tend to look at reality in a dualistic way, even though this does not correspond to the symbiotic reality, where everything is connected, entangled. What stories do we tell each other about the living world? The stories may be made up, the consequences aren’t.

‘Only the story of all life that is holy is good to tell’
~ Black Elk (Lakota elder, 1863 – 1950)

Making – and recognizing – kin is perhaps the hardest and most urgent part’ ~ Donna Haraway in ‘Staying with the trouble: making kin in the Chtulucene’ (2016)

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