In my healing studio for alternative therapy the bodywork is an essential part of the treatment. The type of bodywork that I practice is body de-armouring: deep pressure is applied to different points on the body, to ‘de-armour’ the body and restore its natural balance. ‘Armour’ refers to armament: the way the body holds tension or trauma after an experience that activated the nervous system in a way that could not be processed in the moment. Imagine that a part of the water in your body is frozen in time: dearmouring makes the water flow again.

Tension is mostly stored in our muscles and connective tissue, called myofascia. It is also stored in our cellular memory and our DNA. Tension impacts our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. De-armouring is an effective way of releasing tension.

During a dearmouring session, loving attention and deep, tender touch is brought to areas of tension, numbness, and disconnection. Instead of breaking through armour with force, the body is invited to open and soften. Parts of you that need nurturing are welcomed to be expressed and integrated in a compassionate way. The conscious and tender touch, in alignment with the needs of the body often creates a sense of relief. You can immediately feel lighter and more alive!

When we bring tactile witnessing to our fascia through presence and touch, mountains move

The technique of releasing ‘armour’ has been practiced for thousands of years by different cultures around the world under different names and variations. The present-day de-armouring that I am trained in combines the masculine energy of safe space and deep pressure with the feminine energy of care, refined tuning, and intuition. I combine the bodywork with energy work and sound healing.

A state of relaxation is fundamental to the bodywork, to create a deep body awareness and feelings of safety. I follow the needs of your body and only start with bodywork after receiving your somatic consent. It means that any possible contraction of the body is addressed first. Your boundaries are honoured and respected. This way, the session can be a truly empowering and healing experience!

When to choose for body de-armouring

If you experience areas in your life where you would like to see positive changes, dearmouring can be an in-depth remedy for transformation. You can choose for a treatment if:

  • You want to free yourself from what is limiting you, whether it is physical pain, beliefs, or emotions like fear, shame & anger
  • You want to empower yourself, cultivate healthy boundaries & an open your heart more deeply
  • You want to tune into your inner guidance to know who and where you wish to be
  • You commit fully to your personal growth because you have a bone deep knowing that there’s more depth and aliveness possible

The benefits of body de-armouring

  • A noticeable increase of energy, vitality, and health
  • Release of pain and tension
  • Feeling more capable of releasing (un)conscious thought patterns and behaviours
  • Feeling more present, calm, and connected
  • A deeper body awareness that allows you to better feel and express your boundaries, needs and desires
  • Feeling greater clarity and ease to manifest the life you want to live 

What to expect for a session

A session starts with a consultation and a meditation for grounding and relaxation. This prepares your body including your nervous system for the bodywork. We bring awareness to the armour and related emotions, before starting the bodywork. We will set the intention and find what works for you. It can be trauma healing, cultivating healthy boundaries or strengthening your intuition. After the bodywork, your body is given time to integrate and return to its active state. The session is closed with a short talk. I’ll serve tea, water, and fruit.

After care
Within a couple of days after the session, I’ll contact you for an after care share.

Multiple sessions
Bodywork is process work and therefore a series of multiple sessions is recommended.